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Here you'll find a few project samples. These projects showcase a wide variety of UX research methods including 1:1 user interviews, contextual observations, heuristic analysis, co-creation workshops, and more.

Lead Design Researcher

Research Method: Contextual Inquiries, Surveys, Validation Session, User Epics, User Features, User Stories

Conducted a multi-phased, mixed methods study with 60+ contextual inquiries and a quantitative survey to build a service blueprint. The findings and opportunities led to the creation of epics, features, and user stories for a new underwriting software

Document with Pen

Design Researcher

Research Method: User Journey Maps, 1:1 User Interviews, Card Sorting, Affinity Diagramming

Designed and executed research studies for a new robo-advisor. Conducted 16+ user interviews and validation sessions, created a competitive analysis, and delivered customer journeys in acquisition and engagement


Design Researcher

Research Methods: Heuristic Analysis, Co-Creation Workshop, Secondary Research

Conducted a heuristic analysis and led a future-state co-creation workshop for the redesign of the publisher’s article pages. Collaborated with interaction designers to create high-fidelity wireframes for usability testing

Graphic Designer Working
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